Try These DIY Tips to Restore Your Headlights

Headlight restoration may be what you are looking for when searching for a solution to dim headlights. Here are some ways that you too can restore your headlights to the bright lights you once enjoyed.

  • By scrubbing your headlight lenses with a warm moist cloth and toothpaste you may be able to wipe away the yellow, cloudy appearance that is in part responsible for the dimness. This does not work in every case, but it might for you.
  • Scrub your headlights with a rag saturated in insect repellent that contains DEET. This can restore the light, but avoid spraying it on the paint.
  • Polish the headlights with varying degrees of sandpaper to remove the scratches that are causing the problem with dim headlights.
  • Go to your local auto supply retail location and buy a DIY headlight restoration kit and use it to restore the brightness by following the enclosed instructions.

If none of these suggestions work, bring it to Tom Scott Honda in Nampa and have one of our service professionals restore your headlights for you.

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