Rotate Tires for Long Life

Tires play a critical role in vehicle safety and performance. Like any other part of the vehicle, they can fail, and blowouts can leave you helpless on the roadside. Nampa area owners know that rotation extends the life of their tires, but rotating tires also reduces the chance of a blowout.

Blowouts can occur without warning such as when the tires strike a road hazard or the sharp edge of a pothole. Signs of danger include excessive wear, damage and splits in the sidewalls, and thin treads or wear bars.

At Tom Scott Honda we provide intensive tire inspection of all tire surfaces. We detect wear and make repairs where possible. If you must replace the tires, then we offer quality equipment that meets the manufacturer's standards for the vehicle. Prevention is the best defense against blowouts, stop by our location or make an appointment. Start your tire maintenance program today.