Determining the Best Drive for Your Next Vehicle

When embarking on a vehicle purchasing journey, one of the first decisions a prospective buyer must make is whether to choose a front-wheel drive or wheel-rear drive car. A RWD vehicle provides a sturdier driving experience, offering better balance and a higher tolerance for abuse. The drawbacks of a RWD car is that it does not perform as well in poor weather conditions. A FWD vehicle provides better value, both in car price and fuel economy. A FWD car also performs better in poor conditions, despite it being more fragile and less performance-oriented.

The vehicle experts at Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID are well-equipped to answer all of your questions about any car's drive system. Our team of friendly associates is eager to demonstrate to you the key differences between each system so that you can make an informed purchasing decision and find a vehicle that fits your exact needs and preferences.

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