Let Tom Scott Honda Find the Right Floor Mat for your Vehicle

Our dealership in Nampa, ID understands that some people end up tracking a lot of dirt into their cars. For them, we recommend all-weather rubber floor mats to provide maximal protection for their vehicle. There are also people who enjoy the luxury of their car, and for them, we carry a wide variety of carpet options.

Carpet mats come in many different colors and styles ranging from Berber carpeting to luxury plush. Whether you're looking to replace your current factor mats because they're dirty, or you want to upgrade you're vehicle, carpet can add luxury, beauty, and a personalized touch. Rubber mats will provide lasting protection without the frills.

Regardless of the type of vehicle you have, you can visit our showroom and select the perfect floor mats for it. We carry a wide range of accessories in order to meet your needs.

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