How Could Extreme Temperatures Affect My Car Batteries?

The inside of the car battery has fluids, and they can be impacted by extreme weather. In freezing temperatures, those liquids solidify, in heat, they evaporate. Testing the battery can help determine if it still has charging power.

  • Don't test the car battery until the engine and lights of the car are all turned off.
  • If you see corrosion building up on the battery terminal, use a wire brush or terminal cleaner to improve the contacts.
  • A voltmeter has two cables, black and red, black negative and red positive. Place the positive to the positive on your car battery, the follow by the negative to the negative.
  • The meter will read 12.4 or higher when your battery is in great working condition. There should be reason for concern when the voltmeter comes back with a reading of 12.2 or lower because it may no longer have charging power.

If the reading shows a weak battery, come to our service center here at Tom Scott Honda so we can replace it with the OEM equal.