All of the Pros and Cons of Tonneau Covers

The team at Tom Scott Honda wants to help you understand the reasons why you should and shouldn't have a new Tonneau Cover over the truck bed.

The Tonneau Cover is going to eliminate those items in the bed from flying all over the place as you drive. Now you can store your work clothes or fishing gear under the cover and lock it up so it doesn't disappear. Your truck bed is now shielded from the weather once the Tonneau Cover has been installed.

After the Tonneau Cover is in place, you may start to see your fuel mileage get a slight boost. This is because the truck is more aerodynamic now. One disadvantage of the Tonneau Cover, taller items cannot be loaded in the truck until the top is removed.

Once you have your cover on the bed, call our service center at Tom Scott Honda so we can focus on making sure the rest of your truck is road-ready.

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