Belts and Hoses Provide Necessary Functions in Your Vehicle

Keeping the belts and hoses in good working condition in your vehicle is part of regular vehicle maintenance. The belts and hoses provide power and fluid transportation to different engine components, and if they fail, the engine can be compromised.

Belts and pulleys serve the purpose of providing power to help drive many of the main engine components such as the fan, air injection pump, alternator, water pump and power steering pump. The timing belt provides synchronization to the valves and pistons, the serpentine belts transfer power from the crankshaft to various engine parts and the coolant hoses move the coolant throughout the engine.

If you are unsure of just when these items need replacing, come in to Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID, and we will provide you servicing based on the schedule from the vehicle's manufacturer. If any belts or hoses need rep lacing, we will be glad to do that for you.

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