What are Gaskets?

Gaskets provide a critical contribution to the proper running of your vehicle. They will tend to wear out and crack with time and use. These thin molded and die cut pieces fit securely between the parts to prevent leakage of gases and oil.

Some of the materials from which gaskets may be constructed include very thin layers of rubber, copper, or steel. They help maintain proper compression by creating the seal between the cylinder heads and the engine. They also serve to secure the connection between the cylinders and intake manifold. They're what keep the dangerous exhaust fumes from entering the environment.

If you’ve noticed any one of the signs that your gaskets need replacing, such as loss of compression, overheating, or an exhaust leak, it’s time to have your vehicle serviced. Stop by Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID and speak with a knowledgeable member of our service team.

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