Key Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

Lost driving time while you sit and wait for your engine to cool is not the only result of an overheating engine. Certain components inside your engine can be damaged by high heat, such as valves, bearings and cylinders. Ensuring your car's engine remains in its optimal temperature operating range is vital to its proper functioning.

Low levels of antifreeze is the single most common cause of an overheating engine. Other causes include a malfunctioning radiator or fan. Operating your car in extreme temperatures can also take its toll. Various hoses in the engine, as well as the water pump, can also experience failure, leading to climbing temperatures inside your engine.

You can visit our service center here at Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID if you suspect your engine is overheating. Their qualified mechanics will make an assessment of your vehicle and have it safely back on the road as quickly as possible.

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