Carpeting and Floor Mats Provide Different Advantages in a Cabin

Many automotive manufacturers equip their vehicles with plush carpeting or rubber floor mats. Both options are stylish, supportive, and durable. However, in order to reduce frequent maintenance, you must select a product that suits your travel habits.

If you drive your car in areas that have heavy dirt, soggy mud, or thick dust, rubber mats are practical options. Because harsh environmental elements don't stick to rubber, you'll have no problems washing away debris whenever it falls off your shoes. Carpet is more stylish as it consists of multiple fibers. However, since the fibers are tall, debris can easily drop into various nook and crannies on the pile. If mud lands on a luxurious carpet slab, it could stain the fibers. This is why you should only equip carpet slabs in a car that's never driven in dirty or muddy environments.

Carpeting and floor mats are available at Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID. If you need help selecting an accessory that compliments the design in your cabin, we can help.

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