Get Ready for Winter Driving with a Survival Kit!

Putting together a winter survival kit is something we at Tom Scott Honda recommend to all of our customers. If you are visiting family and driving a long distance, or just carpooling in Nampa, it is important to have essential items in an emergency. A survival kit has things you need for an emergency on the side of the freeway or off-road in the mountains.

If there is an emergency while you are driving, you should have water, food, an extra set of clothes and winter boots in your vehicle. Have the necessary supplies to walk for help or stay put and wait comfortably. Blankets and pillows are a good way to stay comfortable while you wait for help to arrive.

Store battery chargers, jumper cables, a spare tire, a jack and an ice scraper in your vehicle for emergencies. Keep the essentials close to you, just in case you aren't able to open your trunk for your emergency kit.

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