From Sounds to Smells of Your Exhaust

If you suspect that your exhaust is damaged, there are a few signs that you can look for that can paint a clear picture. One of the most common signs that something is wrong is if you hear a loud noise coming from the muffler or exhaust system located under your vehicle. As soon as you hear any odd noises, you should take your vehicle to Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID to let a technician examine it for any prominent damage that is present.

Pay attention to how your engine performs. If there is damage to your exhaust system, then your engine won't get the fuel that it needs to run properly, which will usually result in your vehicle not running like it should and using more gas than normal.

Your check engine light will usually come on if there are issues with your exhaust system because of the sensors that are involved. You could begin noticing a burning smell inside your vehicle or from the muffler while the vehicle is running or right after it's turned off. Any of these signs should be checked by a technician to determine the severity of the exhaust damage.

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