We want to help you keep your vehicle running smoothly, and if you understand its components, it can be beneficial. Your vehicle's timing belt is what makes the crankshaft and camshaft work properly. Because it is so important to your engine, the timing belt needs to be changed on a regular basis. Reference your vehicle's manual to find out how often your timing belt needs to be changed.

When you don't have your timing belt changed regularly, then it could cause significant problems. Not only will your engine completely shut down if the timing belt suddenly snaps, but it could also cause serious damage to your engine. Vehicles with interface engines face the most damage.

With interface engines, the valves could bend and the pistons could break if the timing belt snaps. This results in thousands of dollars of damage, or you may have to get a new engine. Those with non-interface engines don't have to worry about these problems, but it is still necessary to replace a broken timing belt immediately.

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