You may not think about it, but your windshield wiper blades are important. They help you see in storms and keep your windshield clear in fog or when they have condensation. You should pay attention to them.

While they are a simple feature, picking out windshield wiper blades can be confusing because of all the brands. Your owner's manual has recommendations for the right blade.

Look at your windshield wiper blades as a part of your routine maintenance. If they look like they are deteriorating or frayed, go ahead and replace them. Sometimes, a bad blade will not be performing as well as it once did. If you notice a difference in their performance, such as blurriness, it is time to replace.

Our team at Tom Scott Honda can replace your windshield wiper blades for you. Drivers in Nampa, ID are urged to bring their vehicles by for all their auto servicing needs.

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