Pet Hair Detailing Tips from Tom Scott Honda

It’s important for the interior of your car to look its best in Nampa, ID. There are a few detailing tips for you to follow when you find pet hair throughout the interior.

Pet hair can be difficult to remove because it weaves throughout the fibers of your carpeting and upholstery. However, you can get a lot out easily by creating static electricity. Try blowing up a balloon and rubbing it across the carpet. You can also spray a thin layer of water across the carpet and use rubber gloves back and forth across the fabric.

Rubber bristled brushes that snap on to vacuum cleaners can also help you. You may also want to mix up fabric softener with water. The fabric softener will help to loosen the hair, making it easier to get the pet hair out of the creases of fabric. Simply use a paper towel to wipe it all up.

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