If your car isn't starting, you may automatically think it's the battery, but there are other vital components, such as the ignition, that help your engine crank and run efficiently. At Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID, we want to help Nampa drivers keep their vehicles in optimal condition, so read more for details about warning signs of a malfunctioning ignition.

Listening for unusual sounds, which may include a whining or grinding noise, could mean your ignition needs to be serviced. With a whining noise, you may experience freewheeling, which is whey the flywheel and starter are not engaging properly. A grinding noise may be that the starter drive gear is excessively worn and needs to be replaced.

Visual signs can also make you aware of a faulty ignition. If you notice smoke or an oil-leaked starter, you should have your vehicle looked at. You may have a leak with an oil-soaked starter, and smoke is a sign of a shorted starter circuit.

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