Honda's first SUV and iconic reliable adventure vehicle, the Honda Passport, is back and it is equipped and ready to tackle the toughest terrain. Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID has a full inventory of new Honda Passports to explore.

The Honda Passport features an advanced intelligent traction control management system that makes the best of the 280 horsepower V6. The system senses conditions on the road and intelligently directs power and torque to the appropriate corners of the vehicle. This allows the Honda Passport to find traction in situations that would hinder lesser vehicles. The Honda Passport also features a fully independent suspension all around allowing the Honda Passport to keep sure footing over all types of terrain. The ample power, rugged drivetrain, and nimble mid-sized wheelbase make the Honda Passport a surprisingly capable crossover. The perfect complement to the ample capability of the Honda Passport is the well placed and thoughtful features that support an active lifestyle.

With plenty of hidden storage in addition to the spacious cargo area and the most 2nd-row legroom in its class, the Passport can get you, your gear, and your friends to any place on the map in Nampa, ID and the surrounding areas.

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