Clay bars are used in auto detailing to buff out imperfections and remove dirt that gets stuck. If your car has a gritty, dull exterior, a clay bar is a great way to bring back its luster. However, because these bars are slightly abrasive, it’s important to always use lubricant beforehand.

Due to its putty-like consistency, clay bars are easy to fold and rub across each part of your car. You can use it to rub over the panels of your car and remove contaminants like mineral deposits, insect parts, salts, brake dust, tar, and other grime.

Clay bars have a soft consistency, which makes them easy to use with a lubricant to buff out these imperfections. If you find that washing your car doesn’t make your car shine, clay baring your car once or twice a year can bring back your paint’s glossy appearance. For more car services in Nampa, ID, stop by Tom Scott Honda to get great rates on auto detailing and more.

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