Powertrain Warranty vs Bumper to Bumper

When you decide to shop for a new vehicle you can quickly become overwhelmed with all of the different vehicles that are on the market.

Once you sort through the exteriors, you have to start thinking about the interior features, power under the hood and what vehicles are the safest. Another thing to think about, that many people forget about, is what kind of warranty coverage a vehicle comes with.

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Determining the Best Drive for Your Next Vehicle

When embarking on a vehicle purchasing journey, one of the first decisions a prospective buyer must make is whether to choose a front-wheel drive or wheel-rear drive car. A RWD vehicle provides a sturdier driving experience, offering better balance and a higher tolerance for abuse. The drawbacks of a RWD car is that it does not perform as well in poor weather conditions. 

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Do You Need a Wheel Alignment?

Car alignments are necessary to keep your wheels and axles in line. It helps your suspension work correctly and avoid costly repairs if your suspension becomes warped from tires being out of whack. There are a few things that you may notice if your car is out of alignment, including steering wheel vibrations and your car pulling to one direction. If you let go of your steering wheel for a moment and find that your car automatically starts to move to one direction...

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Let Tom Scott Honda Find the Right Floor Mat for your Vehicle

Our dealership in Nampa, ID understands that some people end up tracking a lot of dirt into their cars. For them, we recommend all-weather rubber floor mats to provide maximal protection for their vehicle. There are also people who enjoy the luxury of their car, and for them, we carry a wide variety of carpet options.

Carpet mats come in many different colors and styles ranging from Berber carpeting to luxury plush.

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Key Reasons Your Engine May be Overheating

Lost driving time while you sit and wait for your engine to cool is not the only result of an overheating engine. Certain components inside your engine can be damaged by high heat, such as valves, bearings and cylinders. Ensuring your car's engine remains in its optimal temperature operating range is vital to its proper functioning.

Low levels of antifreeze is the single most common cause of an overheating engine. 

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All of the Pros and Cons of Tonneau Covers

The team at Tom Scott Honda wants to help you understand the reasons why you should and shouldn't have a new Tonneau Cover over the truck bed.

The Tonneau Cover is going to eliminate those items in the bed from flying all over the place as you drive. Now you can store your work clothes or fishing gear under the cover and lock it up so it doesn't disappear. 

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Belts and Hoses Provide Necessary Functions in Your Vehicle

Keeping the belts and hoses in good working condition in your vehicle is part of regular vehicle maintenance. The belts and hoses provide power and fluid transportation to different engine components, and if they fail, the engine can be compromised.

Belts and pulleys serve the purpose of providing power to help drive many of the main engine components such as the fan, air injection pump, alternator, water pump and power steering pump. 

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What are Gaskets?

Gaskets provide a critical contribution to the proper running of your vehicle. They will tend to wear out and crack with time and use. These thin molded and die cut pieces fit securely between the parts to prevent leakage of gases and oil.

Some of the materials from which gaskets may be constructed include very thin layers of rubber, copper, or steel. 

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How Could Extreme Temperatures Affect My Car Batteries?

The inside of the car battery has fluids, and they can be impacted by extreme weather. In freezing temperatures, those liquids solidify, in heat, they evaporate. Testing the battery can help determine if it still has charging power.

  • Don't test the car battery until the engine and lights of the car are all turned off.
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Learn How to Avoid Hydroplaning and Stay Safe

It is important for you to do all that you can to stay safe on the road, and this includes figuring out how you can avoid hydroplaning and losing control of your vehicle. There are some things that you can do to stay safe when driving in Nampa in wet weather.

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