Much like SUVs, crossovers can have third-row seating, impressive towing and hauling capabilities, and ample room for storing cargo. However, these vehicles are also far lighter in their design, easier to handle, and significantly more efficient. When shopping for a new auto at Tom Scott Honda in Nampa, ID, you may find that a crossover is the perfect choice for you. Following are just a few reasons why.

Crossovers Are More Economical Than SUVs

Crossovers offer nearly everything that SUVs provide, but often at a far lower upfront cost. With better mileage, these vehicles also cost less at the pump. Moreover, they can be just as stylish, high-performing, and feature-rich as comparable SUVs.

Get a Vehicle With an Eye-Catching and Sophisticated Look

As the number of passengers you have to carry increases, you may be dreading the thought of graduating to a minivan. Crossovers can comfortably accommodate large groups while still offering a mature and incredibly sophisticated look. There are even a number of popular crossovers with attractive, sporty designs that are just as capable as they are aesthetically pleasing.

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