There's no shortage of Nampa, ID drivers who enjoy traveling with their feline and canine companions in tow. After all, pets make some of the best traveling buddies around. At Tom Scott Honda, we want to make it easy for locals to keep their autos clean, fresh-smelling, and free of pet hair. With the tips that follow, you can get more enjoyment from your car, truck, or SUV right now, and you can also preserve its resale value.

Invest in the Right Pet Accessories

Nothing is more effective for controlling pet hair than prevention. Consider investing in a cargo liner so that your pet's crate isn't resting directly on upholstery or carpeting. To keep your animal safe and to limit the spread of pet hair, never let your cat or dog roam freely throughout the car. Pet car seats, harnesses, or crates are essential for safe, mess-free travel. Regularly brushing your pet before loading them into the car can also prevent loose hairs from shedding.

Loosen Trapped Pet Hair With Compressed Air

Stray pet hairs can find their way down into seats and carpeting even with the most diligent preventative measures. One of the best ways to loosen these up and bring them to the surface is by treating the affected areas with a can of compressed air. Once they're accessible, use a damp rag to collect them.

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