Car batteries should serve at least 4 years before you need a replacement. However, few reach that point. With common car problems often linking back to batteries, it’s vital to carry out a car battery test to ascertain the problem.

The first step is to perform a load test. Simple, all that you need is to turn on the car's headlights and leave them on for at least 10 minutes. After the time elapses, watch the brightness of the headlights to see if it dims. You’ll need a replacement if it’s considerably lower before it fails while driving. Checking for corrosion on the battery terminals will indicate the battery's ability to transfer power. At Tom Scott Honda, we can easily establish the battery's ability to work and clean it to stop corrosion by ensuring the hydrogen gas released by the acid is limited, giving it a few more months before you replace it.

Testing for clicks by turning over the ignition is a great car battery test. If there’s no lively start and you hear repetitive clicks, you need to replace the battery. Our dealership at Nampa, ID starts by using the multimeter to determine the exact level of voltage. With the numbers clear, a replacement is scheduled immediately.

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