With its affordable starting price, the Honda Passport is a mid-size SUV that offers the capability of other bigger SUVs. From its athleticism to versatility, owning this car will surprise you with what it’s capable of doing. Come to Nampa, ID, and get a closer experience of this SUV at Tom Scott Honda before you decide to purchase it.

The first capability feature of the Honda Passport is the V-6 engine that gives it power while producing adequate horsepower and torque for any off-road adventures or smooth driving that you envy. Due to its off-road capabilities, it’s fitted with an AWD system that propels it smoothly regardless of how rough the terrains are.

Being an off-road SUV, the Honda Passport has ample space for carrying your cargo. However, this spacing doesn’t compromise your comfort as it has enough resting room for your legs and head. You can also fold the rear seats if you wish to add on its cargo capacity.

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